All workshops will run on Thursday 14th September.

W1: Community Archiving Workshop Istanbul. *FULLY BOOKED*

Thursday, September 14, 09:30 - 15:00 The workshop will be in 3 parts, for a total duration of 4.5 hours.

Maximum 25 participants.

Presenters: CK Ming (Media Conservation and Digitization Specialist, USA), Kelli Hix (Independent archivist, consultant, and curator, USA), Jackie Jay (Owner, audiovisual archivist, educator, Farallon Archival Consulting LLC)

Community Archiving is a process whereby local community volunteers and audiovisual professionals partner to help an organization gain intellectual and physical control over an endangered moving image collection. The Community Archiving Workshop Collective proposes to conduct a workshop with a local organization in need of inventory and organization of their audiovisual collections in Istanbul, Turkey. In this workshop IASA conference attendees will be paired with community members for hands-on training in which participants learn to identify different media formats and risk factors, establish controlled vocabulary for description of audiovisual collections, and document and prioritize the collection for preservation. The outcome is to train workshop participants on the handling and care of audiovisual collections, to engage local community members in processing and describing their community’s audiovisual assets, and to process a small collection (approximately 200 assets) of recordings in preparation for preservation.


W2: Finding methods for sharing knowledge within sound and audiovisual archives. *FULLY BOOKED*

Thursday, September 14, 09:30 - 12:30

Maximum 20 participants.

Presenters: Janneke van Dalen (Austrian Film Museum), Nadja Šičarov (freelance film restorer and archivist, Serbia)

To raise awareness about the importance of sharing and preserving collection-related knowledge within sound and audiovisual archives, we propose to organize a workshop that 1) facilitates dialogue about knowledge sharing between different archives worldwide, through discussing examples and best practices, and 2) demonstrates how to make use of the “handbook for sharing knowledge”.  

In 2019, the Austrian Film Museum and the Slovenska kinoteka initiated “Share that Knowledge! Finding Strategies for Passing on Knowledge Across Generations of Audiovisual Archivists”, a project aimed at addressing the topic of passing on intangible heritage (the knowledge related to audiovisual collections) and to find methods of integrating knowledge sharing with our preservation efforts. Over the course of three years and with the help of colleagues from 13 archives worldwide, qualitative research was carried out to identify the knowledge at risk, the challenges for its transfer, and successful sharing methods. The outcome of the research is a handbook (expected to be published in July/August 2023, freely accessible to all) for people working within AV archives desiring to improve knowledge sharing methods.

The workshop participants will exchange ideas about sharing different types of knowledge (organizational knowledge, collection knowledge, knowledge about preservation activities, technical knowledge and skills), and within various scenarios (starting employment, leaving employment, day-to-day activities, when knowledge has left). Through these exercises, the participants will get an idea of how to use the handbook within their archives.


W3: Processing DV and other Video from Digital Tape. *FULLY BOOKED*

Thursday, September 14, 09:30 - 12:30

Maximum 15 participants, participants must bring their laptops.

Presenter: Dave Rice, audiovisual archivist and technologist based in USA.

This workshop will build upon the research and development of the DVRescue and Digital Video Commander projects, administered by MIPoPS, and funded by the NEH. Participants will learn how to analyze and process content originating from digital videotapes, perform restoration work, package results, handle closed captioning and timecode metadata, and prepare such videos for various access and preservation tasks.

The workshop details will be announced soon.


W4: Continuous Improvement in Digital Preservation: A Rapid Assessment Model

Thursday, September 14, 09:30 - 10:30

Maximum 60 participants.

Presenter: Sarah Middleton (Digital Preservation Coalition, UK)

The ability to apply a carefully considered and well implemented approach to continuous improvement of digital preservation capabilities can greatly benefit practitioners when looking to set and achieve objectives.  This workshop aims to provide attendees with an introduction to, and application of, the DPC Rapid Assessment Model; a tool which can be used to develop and implement a methodology for continuous improvement in their organizational digital preservation activities.


W5: Introduction to the Open Editor for Automatic Transcription of Audio Visual Materials *FULLY BOOKED*

Thursday, September 14, 09:30 - 12:30

Maximum 15 participants. 3 hours.

Presenters: Allison Schein (Archivist, WFMT & Studs Terkel Radio Archive), Mark Boas (Bad Idea Factory), Laurian Gridinoc.

A three-hour workshop on how to use the newly released open-source speech-to-text platform Open Editor. Limited to 15 participants, they will cover features of the editor, installation, and use. After the introduction, two groups will be formed, those who have already installed the OE and those who are interested in using it onsite in a sandbox environment. Instructions will be provided ahead of time to those wishing to implement prior to the workshop. Once the groups have concluded their tests, we will come back for a feedback discussion and a conversation about future development. Participants must bring their own laptops.