Guidelines for in-person speakers

Spoken papers and panel discussions included in this year’s IASA Conference and ICTMD Forum will take place in 3 different conference rooms in the Istanbul University Rectorate (İstanbul Üniversitesi Rektörlüğü) building. Please be sure to check the conference programme to confirm the day, time, and room for your presentation.

  • Presentations in Doctorate Hall 1 will be streamed to our online audience via Zoom.
  • Presentations in Blue Hall 1 and Doctorate Hall 2 will not be streamed.
  • All three conference rooms will feature a mixture of in person and pre-recorded presentations.

Please adhere to the time limits for your presentation: Spoken papers should be no longer than 25 minutes; panel discussions no more than 55 minutes.


All presentations on the programme have an assigned moderator, and are grouped into blocks typically containing 2-4 presentations. Your moderator has been given your contact information, and will be in touch with you to confirm details. Moderators will also provide you with an arrival time. Note that if you are not the first speaker in a block of presentations, you should arrive early and sit on stage with your colleagues.

Conference Recordings

All in-person presentations will be recorded and made available after the event on AVP’s Aviary platform. Only registered attendees will be given access to view these recordings. If you do not want your presentation recorded or archived, please let us know in advance via

Slides and equipment

You will not need to use your own laptop to present. You are welcome to bring slides on an external USB drive, or you may upload your slides to this Google Drive folder. Materials sent to the Google Drive folder will be downloaded to the conference computer desktops in advance.

If you use the Google Drive link, please title your document so it’s easily identifiable. Include your last name and a few words from the title of your presentation. Please note that anyone with the link can upload content to the Drive, but you must first log in with a Google account.

The computers at the University of Istanbul are all Windows PCs. Slides may be in .ppt, .pptx, or .pdf format. Video or sound clips should be embedded within your slide deck. Please try to avoid showing live websites during your talk, as we cannot guarantee fast internet speed in the conference rooms.

Poster guidelines

The poster format is perfect for discussing topics and receiving feedback on a one-on-one basis, especially works in progress or topics with visual material or graphic narratives.

Registration and programme information:
You must register for the conference by 11th August to confirm your participation in the event.

The poster sessions will take place on the top floor of the Rectorate Building at Istanbul University. Please arrive by 8:30 AM on Monday 11th September to register and hang your poster. Adequate wall space and equipment to poster hanging supplies will be provided for you.

There are three one-hour scheduled poster sessions, which can also be viewed on the online programme:

  • Monday 11 September, 15:00-16:00
  • Tuesday 12 September, 15:00-16:00
  • Wednesday 13 September, 10:00-11:00

Please plan to be present for at least one of these sessions. You are also welcome to schedule one-on-one meetings with conference delegates to present your poster at other times.

Poster specifications:
The maximum dimensions for posters is 60 cm x 90 cm, and the orientation may be either vertical or horizontal. Please use poster board, heavy coated paper, or other lightweight cardstock for printing your poster. Matte coating is preferable to reduce glare.

You are strongly encouraged to print your poster at home and bring it with you. Please note that IASA cannot guarantee availability or quality of local printing services in Istanbul. Also be aware that inflation is currently high in Turkey and prices fluctuate.

If you need to make a correction to your abstract on the conference website or have any questions, please contact Jennifer Vaughn ( or Perla Rodríguez (

Suggestions for creating a successful conference poster:
How to create a research paper (NYU Libraries)

Guidelines for submitting pre-recorded video

  • All presentations that are not delivered in person in Istanbul must be pre-recorded and submitted in advance.
  • You must register for the conference by 11th August to confirm your participation in the event.
  • The deadline for submitting video recordings is 2nd September 2023.

Please follow these duration limits for recordings:

  • Spoken paper: 25 minutes maximum
  • Panel discussion: 55 minutes maximum

IASA reserves the right to reject any video that exceeds these limits.

Presentations that are scheduled in Doctorate Hall 1 will be streamed to our online audience. If your presentation is scheduled in Blue Hall 1 or Doctorate Hall 2, your video will be played for the in-person audience. Pre-recorded videos will also be available for viewing by registered conference delegates after the conference.

If your schedule allows, we highly encourage participation in a live Q&A on Zoom which will take place during the final 5-10 minutes of your scheduled time slot. We will be sending Zoom invitations for Q&As in early September. If you will be able to answer questions online, consider using a wired LAN internet connection if you are concerned about your network speed.

How to prepare a pre-recorded presentation:
We recommend recording your conference presentation with Zoom. Make sure you are running the latest version of the desktop software (

  • Start a meeting.
  • Turn on “share screen” to share slides. Please include an opening slide with author name(s) and title of presentation.
  • If you are going to share website content, video or audio clips during your presentation, cue those up as well in advance.
  • Hover your mouse over the top of the screen to bring up the Zoom menu. Under “more,” select “start recording.”
    • You can use “pause” and “resume” recording if you want to update screen sharing settings or switch to a new section or speaker.
  • Speak slowly, clearly and distinctly; record in an environment free of background noise, and if you have multiple speakers, only one person should speak at a time.
  • When your presentation is finished, stop the recording, and hit “end meeting for all.” Zoom will automatically convert the recording and save it to your computer as an MP4 file.
  • If desired, you can edit the video using VLC or another media player.
  • Please rename the MP4 file with your name(s) and a few words from the title of your presentation so it is easily identifiable.
  • Use WeTransfer to send the file to Include a message with your name, title of paper, and the date and time of your presentation.
  • If you do not speak English in your video, you must provide burned-in English captions. Please contact Jennifer Vaughn at for more information on captioning videos.
  • If you do not record with Zoom, your video file must be submitted as MOV or MP4 video file with H.264 AVC codec.

If you have questions or need to update any information on the programme, please contact