Call for Presentations

Deadline: 31st March 2023

The IASA Conference and ICTM - IASA Forum are taking place at a time marked by great challenges involved in the digital preservation of sound and audiovisual collections, as well as the threat of loss of undigitised recordings. In addition, human migration, conflict and war and the exclusion of minorities pose threats to the safeguarding of cultural heritage. In the digital age, we wish to strengthen dialogue and collaboration to address the complex situation and preserve and safeguard the sound and audiovisual heritage of peoples of the world.

For the IASA Conference presentations on 11-14 September we invite proposals on the following themes:

  • A. Digital preservation in sound and audiovisual archives: new collaborative tools and strategies
  • B. Metadata and curation
  • C. Migration and sound and audiovisual archives
  • D. Collaborative ideas to protect sound and audiovisual heritage at risk
  • E. Research and dissemination
  • F. Diversity, accessibility, and inclusivity in archives
  • G. The past and future of archival studies and audiovisual archives in Türkiye and the Turkic World

For the ICTM - IASA Forum presentations on 15 September, we invite proposals on the shared theme:
Collaborating to preserve, document, and safeguard traditional music and dance.


Please submit your proposal by completing the form below, before 31 March 2023.

Each presentation may be delivered in person, or as a pre-recorded video that will be shared at a scheduled time allocated in the programme. Pre-recorded videos must be submitted two weeks before the conference (instructions will be provided later).

The selection of presentations will be made by 30 April 2023 by the Programme Committee. The presenters will receive their notification via email after this selection. The Programme Committee reserves the right to propose to the candidates to present under the Conference or the Forum parts of the event and/or in a different format.

Please note: All presenters will be required to register before the early bird deadline of 11 August 2023.

Commercial companies are welcome to present dual-client case studies, technological breakthroughs, or academically generalised topics. Presentations with an overly commercial tone may be rejected.

In-person presentations may be recorded by the organisers via audiovisual media and photos. If you explicitly would like to avoid this, please let us know via

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Select one option above - Spoken presentation: 25-minute oral presentation, followed by 5 minutes Q&A. Poster: will be exhibited in a central location of the conference venue at an appointed time slot. Discussion panel (roundtable): an in-depth, 1-hour discussion, including Q&A, among more than 2 experts, introduced and led by 1 moderator expert. You must list in your abstract the panel moderator's and experts' names, and titles of any individual presentations. IASA workshop: an in-depth, 3-6 hour interactive teaching session. Film presentation: film screening: max 20 minutes, followed by Q&A.
Paste the full text of your abstract in the text box above (length must be between 75-250 words). The box may be extended by clicking and dragging on the bottom margin. You cannot make changes after submitting this submission form, so we recommend that you first type out your abstract in a word-processing document, then copy and paste it into this box.